Thursday, February 18, 2016

Social Media

I liked chatting. I liked speaking up my mind. I liked getting to know to other people in the world. Those were some of reasons why i chatted on some social media. Now i have decided, i want to stop. There are negative effects from social media that i want to avoid. I want to guard myself from any negative effects it might bring to me. I hope i will never come back. Today in this blog i declare this blog as my think pad or draft book. I could use a diary instead, but no one would be able to read and gain advantages from any good thing i might write. I want to share goodness without risking myself to receive badness. But not all on this blog will be lessons for us, it could be also questions that need solutions. As i said before, this is my official think pad.  Anytime i want to think, I'll write. One day, somebody in my family or my future family might read, like my child, my grandchildren, etc. They could know and understand who and what i really am.